What Makes Lightning Strike Down?

Have you ever wondered what makes lightning strike down from the sky? Other people share that question. Even today, with modern advances in science, we still don’t completely understand it. Still, we know a lot about it. We’ve presented the top theory here.

bolts of lightning




Step 1:

Water molecules rest up in thunder clouds. They constantly rub together, which creates an electrical charge much in the same way you do when you rub your feet on carpet to create static electricity.

Step 2:

For reasons which we haven’t entirely figured out, positive charges accumulate up in the top of the cloud and negative charges go to the bottom.

Step 3:

These charges, when they accumulate, create a gigantic electric field that repels negative charges on the earth, making it positively charged. These charges want to attract, but they can’t due to the air between them.

Step 4:

Large electric fields ionize the air, allowing lightning to travel through it. When you see lightning strike, you see electricity traveling through these ionized pathways.


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