What Makes Hail Rain Down?

Did you know that hailstones cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year? They can damage farms, roofs, cars, animals, and even people! Have you ever wondered what makes it rain down from the sky? If so, we’ve made a quick, basic overview of the process here.

balls of hail





Formation Process:

Despite common misconceptions, hail almost never forms in winter. It usually happens in the storm season, because it forms in cumulonimbus clouds, usually in front of a thunderstorm. In these clouds, strong updrafts and lower levels of freezing atmosphere combine to make the perfect spot for hail to form; the updrafts bring precipitation up to the freezing level of the atmosphere and keep it there. It freezes, accumulating more and more freezing moisture until the updraft can’t hold it up any more and it falls to the ground.


Hopefully now you understand how the weather works a little better. If you need roof repair for hail damage on your home, Alliance Roofing can help. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (860) 633-7243.