Weathering Winter: Supporting Snow on Your Roof

snowy roofThere is no denying that snow is beautiful and can be loads of fun to play in, but too much of a good thing can certainly usher in problems. Snow can hamper travel and bring down power lines, but a lesser discussed damage is that snow can also damage roofs. To help you prepare against roof damage from snow, we walk through the basics of how damage can occur so you can keep your home safe and warm all winter long.

A wide variety of damages can result from snowfall. A poorly constructed or poorly insulated roof will emanate interior heat and melt snow on the roof. This melt-off can become trapped by snow and ice above it, and sitting water increases the chances for a roof leak. 

Messy Snow Melt

The sheer weight of snow accumulation can also damage a roof. The additional weight can push your roof to its limits and weaken the roof structure. This usually occurs over time or on older roofs but it can occur on any roof given the proper circumstances. Clearing snow from your roof can help, but be sure to be extremely cautious with your safety and the integrity of your roof material. Never shovel directly on material and avoid using melting salts and chemicals.

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