The Endless Beauty of Slate Roofing

slate roofingSlate roofing has been used for centuries. It is praised as one of the most, if not the most, durable roofing materialsĀ in the industry. Its natural stone appearance offers a breathtaking look unlike any other. Slate roofing is both beautiful and durable – a combination that can’t be beat.

Slate roofing is marvelously long-lasting. Many slate roof materials are stamped with a 40 to 60 year lifespan, but slate roofs have often been known to last longer. There are homes in Northern Pennsylvania that have had their original slate roofs for over 120 years, and some homes have had them even longer in the United Kingdom. What helps contribute to the durability of slate roofs is slate’s resistance to freeze and thaw cycles. Most roofing materials shrink in cold weather and expand when the weather warms up; this strains the roof and adds wear and tear. Slate is unaffected by this phenomenon, helping it protect your roof and home for years.

The natural qualities of slate offer a roof a one of a kind look. Slate roofing can be given a uniform appearance, or given a diverse, dimensional look with the natural variations found in stone. Slate tiles can also be manufactured for aesthetic and price considerations.

Slate Roof on Your Home

One of the single most important aspects of a slate roof is proper installation. Call us today atĀ 860-633-7243 to ask how we ensure your slate roof will be properly installed or repaired!