Summer Roofing Tips

Summertime bring many challenges and problems for the health of your roof. Roof maintenance during the summer is vital for keeping your roofing healthy and increasing its lifespan.  Here are some summer roofing tips that can help you with the maintenance of your roof.

Check Your Ventilation

Your ventilation plays a key role in the cooling of your home during the summer. Check your attic and roof’s ventilation system for any signs of air leakage or damage. A damage or poor ventilation system can cause your energy cost to go up because it make it harder to cool your home. You can avoid a rise in energy cost by installing an energy efficient ventilation system or by having an inspection to see if you have proper ventilation.

Check your gutters, downspouts and Flashing

Downspout and gutters play a vital role in your home’s water drainage system. Blocked or clogged gutters and downspouts make it harder for water to be expelled and drained from your roof. I build-up of water can cause water damage and rotting to your roof and home’s foundation. Make sure to check clean your gutters and spouts to avoid these issues.¬†Check your roofs flashing, which are the metal strips that run on the edges of your roof, to see if they are bent, rusted or damaged. Flashing helps prevent leak from happening on your roof and can also be found around your chimney or around skylights.

Remove Debris

Removing debris from your roof is most optimal during the summer. Your roof will be its driest and less slippery so you have a lot less chance of injuring yourself by falling of your roof. Collect and remove any fallen tree branches and other debris from your roof. Also check for any water damage, rotting, missing or damaged shingles and algae build up. If you have any of these problems you will need to call a roofer to come clean and repair your roof.