Storm Damage Roofing Tips

hurricane joaquinWhile Hurricane Joaquin steered several hundred miles away from the East Coast, its effects were still felt by millions of Americans. We hope you and those close to you have fared well during the powerful aftermath of this storm, and here we have compiled several tips on storm damage repairs to help you process through storm damage from Joaquin or any storm damage in the future.

  • Having materials on hand can help you quickly prepare your property for an incoming storm. If you can safely so do, board up windows and doors, and fill any gaps in their frames with caulking or weatherproof tape.
  • After a storm, it is wise to have your roof professionally inspected. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense: it often takes the hardest hit in a storm. Even if your roof appears unaffected, many signs of damage are often undetectable by the untrained eye.
  • Signs of storm damage commonly include shingles or tiles blown away from the roof, and more famously, roof leaks. However, roof leaks can sneak through the underlying structure and be very difficult to find, so a professional inspection is doubly wise.

Professional Roof Repairs

If your roof has sustained storm damage or is in need of repairs, call our professional team at 860-633-7243 for rapid roofing service!