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If you are a commercial roof owner, you know how often and easily these roofs get damaged. From leaks to sun damage, commercial flat roofs are unfortunately frequently in need of weather repairs. This is because commercial buildings are tall, and sloped roofs are dangerous at that height, so flat roofs are needed. While great for safety, flat roofing has no pointed gables that allow rainwater or UV rays to not hit the entirety of the roof at all times, causing it to age and pool water faster.

These constant repairs and replacements of your commercial roof are expensive, which is why North American Roofing, a national roofing services provider, has created a preventative maintenance plan just for commercial roofs called RoofGuard. Alliance Roofing is proud to offer this program that helps you save thousands of dollars in commercial roof repairs and replacement fees. If you are interested in getting the RoofGuard maintenance program for your Glastonbury and Hartford, CT commercial roof, call us at 860-633-7243 today.

What Does RoofGuard Do?

RoofGuard preventative maintenance plans are commercial roof inspections performed by certified commercial roofing consultants every quarter or semi-annually. In these inspections, commercial roofing consultants conduct minor repairs, debris cleaning, leak monitoring, caulking, and general roof maintenance. We will inspect areas like your flat or membrane roofing, roof flashing, vents, drainage areas,m and more. Additional benefits included in your preventative maintenance plan include annual inspection reports, electronic billing, and annual electronic budgeting reports all administered by dedicated and trained service technicians and engineers. When you choose Alliance Roofing as the roofing specialists to provide you with RoofGuard protection, we offer these exclusive benefits:

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Our Commercial Roofing Consultants Perform Inspections With Your RoofGuard Plan

24 Hour Emergency Repair Services: Whether you have a burst pipe, roof leak, or any other roofing emergency, you can call our roofing contractors at any time and we will come and help.

Increased Roof Life Expectancy: It is a fact that keeping your roof well-maintained extends its life and prevents you from having to make premature replacements, saving you thousands of dollars. We also offer roof restoration coatings that can additionally prolong your roof’s life on top of preventative maintenance and repairs.

Preventative Maintenance: Our affordable maintenance plans are available to all commercial roofing systems, no matter what size. We also provide this service for industrial buildings, as those roofs especially see a lot of wear and tear.

Scheduled Inspections: With our photo documented inspections, we find and repair leaks to help reduce moisture and mold growth. This also helps keep your warranty intact longer and prevents costly repairs that could close your business for days.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to replace your roof from a leak that could have been stopped with preventative repair. With RoofGuard, our quarterly or semi annual inspections will catch and repair the smallest damages to prevent them from becoming catastrophic at a much lower price. No project is too big or small for us here at Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, so call our commercial roofing experts at 860-633-7243 to set up your RoofGuard preventative maintenance plan in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT today.