Shingle Roofing

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Shingle Roofing Is The Most Common Roofing Type In America

Shingles are the most popular and affordable type of roofing system all over the world! With that, many different types of shingle have been created over the years. With a variety of colors, shapes, durability, and other benefits, shingle roofing is a whole roofing universe all on its own. The most commonly seen types of shingle roofing here in America are the classic asphalt shingle, the composition 3 tab shingle, or the laminate architectural shingle. Each system has its pros and cons which we will break down below. If you are wanting an affordable, versatile, and durable roof, get shingle roofing installed in on your Glastonbury and Hartford, CT roof by the roofing contractors at Alliance Roofing! Call us today at 860-633-7243 to schedule an appointment.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

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Asphalt Shingle Roofing Is The Most Affordable Roofing System

Have you been experiencing an increase in the wear and tear on your home’s roof as it ages? If simple repairs just aren’t adequate to provide your roof the protection it requires, we can additionally provide you with top quality shingle installation options that are designed to fit your precise needs. Generally speaking, fifteen years is around the time period you may have to upgrade your asphalt roofing. There are many different options you can look through for your roofing replacement. Our crew has been helping this community for a long time, and we are extremely knowledgeable about asphalt shingle roof installations as well as replacements. If you are in the market for shingle repair in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, or asphalt shingle installation, contact our team at 860-633-7243 now! For all of your residential or shingle roof needs, you can rely on our team!

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Benefits

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Asphalt Shingles Damage Easily From Storms, So Roof Inspections Are Needed

Created from fiberglass matting topped with asphalt pieces, asphalt shingle roof solutions are not only one of the more traditional roof types, but also one of the more affordable. Regardless of how you prefer your house’s roof to appear, there are tons of types of asphalt shingles to pick from, with an extensive range of colors and shapes. If you choose to sell the home, we recommend a simple as well as common style, but if selling is not your objective, you should choose the shingle that looks best to you. No matter which kind of asphalt shingle you pick, however, you will be presented with a waterproof, flame deterrent, and dependable roof system that can serve you for 20 years or more, depending on how properly you take care of it. Inspecting your roof each year with asphalt shingle repair and asphalt shingle maintenance is the primary method to make sure your roof works for as long as you require it to.

3 Tab Shingle

3 Tab Shingle Roofing

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3 Tab Shingles Are Also Called Composition Shingle Roofing

3 tab shingles are the most popular roofing material in the country and provide cost-efficiency, simple installation, and low maintenance. 3 tab shingles can be used in almost any climate and offer a completely personalized appearance for your home by offering multiple styles, textures, colors, and tints at a low cost. These shingles can stand up to UV rays, resist wind and hail, and repel water, and can be coated for reinforced Energy Star rated UV protection, algae, mold, and mildew resistance, and heightened weather resistance that can maximize the longevity of your system. To get more information on 3 tab shingle shingles in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, contact our expert roofers at 860-633-7243 today.

What Is A 3 Tab Shingle?

Named for their design, 3 tab shingles are sheets that have three tabs cut out of the bottom to appear as three separate shingles when installed on a roof. This gives dimension and depth, as well as providing protection against water and weather. Sometimes, 3 tab shingles can be installed over your current roof to save you cost on tear off and labor. Their simple installation process delivers quicker than normal installation times, saving you money on labor charges.

3 tab shingles can last up to 25 years when cared for properly and are one of the most inexpensive solutions available. They can protect against UV rays, insect and pest problems, and harsh weather conditions, and can be coated for extra resistance. These systems can be supported with extra fortifiers like algae and mildew resistance and weather resistance, and are available in multiple colors and textures.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingle Roofing

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Architectural Shingles Give Your Roof a 3D Appearance

If you need real efficiency in a roofing system, you ought to give intense thought to architectural shingles. Added resilience represents just one of the many benefits of architectural shingles, which are also called dimensional, laminate, or composite shingles, present over the usual variety. Superior design capabilities stand as just one advantage of architectural shingles, which are a distinct product completely dissimilar from basic asphalt shingles. Alliance Roofing heartily advocates for architectural shingles as an ideal answer for practically everyone who needs a new roof for their house or business. We represent the community authorities on architectural shingles, and render superior applications of this preferred material. Call our team at your earliest convenience at 860-633-7243 to render inquiries or schedule service of architectural shingles in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT.

Why You Ought to Think About Architectural Shingles

A residence and homeowner will acquire copious positive attributes with an architectural shingle roof. If you decide on architectural shingles for your house, you should count on the following advantages.

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Architectural Shingle Roofing Provide the Longest Lasting Shingle Roofing System Available

Cost: When one considers upscale roofing options including slate shingles and cedar shake, architectural shingles stand as a more budget-friendly choice. Though pricier than standard shingles, the architectural type has improved durability to offset the higher price. Architectural shingles’ higher expensiveness can become offset over time due to fewer care requirements.

Durability: Durability issues can occur with your average roof shingles, as they typically just involve one row of material placed on the decking. Several layers go into the rendering of an architectural shingle roof. Architectural shingles can sustain wind up to 120 mph, whereas standard shingles can fail at about 80 miles per hour.

Appearance: With a 3D appearance that can emulate cedar shake or slate tiles, these shingles additionally are available in a huge array of styles and colors to customize the appearance of your residence. These shingles also require less upkeep than other roofing choices.

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For Shingle Roofing Repair or Installation, Call Us Today!

The selection of materials for a new roof has a significant influence on the cost of installation. While asphalt shingles are the cheapest out of all the roofing systems, they last the shortest amount of time. The longest lasting shingle roofing type, architectural shingles, are made of higher quality materials, so their price is increased through a reduction in repair necessities and more resistance to damage. We’re prepared at any time at 860-633-7243 to explain more about all the shingle roofing types and their overall benefits. Alliance Roofing stands as the premier service for shingle roofing in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT.