Energy Efficient Roofing

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Solar Panels Are a Permanent Way To Make Your Property Energy Efficient

Here at Alliance Roofing, we are big believers on saving our clients as much money as possible. From offering maintenance plans to long lasting roofing systems, everything our company does is in your best interest. One way to consistently save money over time is with an energy efficient roof. There are multiple ways you can do this, such as getting solar panels installed, applying a cool roof coating on top of your existing roof system, or getting a reflective metal roof. Contact our roofers at 860-633-7243 if you are interested in getting an energy efficient roof in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT.

Energy Efficient Roofs

Cool Roofs

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Reflective Metal Roofs Provide 50 Years of Energy Efficiency!

Energy efficient roofs like solar, metal, or cool roofs with reflective coatings can save you up to 40 percent on your energy costs every year. These green roofs not only help you save money, but a lot of them also help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing roofing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions from commercial air conditioning equipment. These energy efficient roofs reduce radiant heat transfer through the by by 97% and can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 30 degrees. To get your cool energy efficient roof in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, call the Alliance Roofing roofers at 860-633-7243 today.

Energy Efficient Roofing Options

There are several advantages in addition to energy savings that can come from purchasing a cool roofing system. First, it can save you money on roofing replacements and services. Traditional roof products are easily harmed by the UV rays from the sun. As the sun hits other roofing materials, most of the ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the roof. When the roof gets too hot, the heat goes into the interior of the building. This breaks down the materials and can lead to roof damage that needs repair. Cool roofing products are manufactured to reflect the UV rays away from your building, instead of absorbing them. This can significantly lower the inside climate of the structure and save you extra money on energy costs.

Home Energy Audits

Home Energy Audit Assessments

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Schedule Your Energy Audit and Find Out How You Can Start Saving Money on Your Energy Bill!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, business and homeowners only take advantage of 30% of the available ways they can make their property more energy efficient. One way to find out more ways to utilize saving energy is by getting a home energy audit. A home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is an examination that measures how much energy your home consumes and evaluates how to improve your energy conservation to save you money. You can get a home energy audit in your next roofing inspection, or can get them regularly as part of our RoofGuard preventative maintenance program. You can schedule an energy efficient home energy audit in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT with our team by calling 860-633-7243.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

An energy audit can be performed on both residential and commercial roofs. When you get an energy audit, a commercial roofing contractor from Alliance Roofing will use an infrared camera to check your roof for leaks, and examine your insulation and ductwork to confirm that these areas are not wasting energy through improper installation, damage, or leaks. When we perform an energy audit we will look for:

  • What roofing material you have and what will provide the best waterproof barrier while still supplying sustainability and durability to your residential or commercial building.
  • What types of additional energy efficient roofing materials that your roof could benefit from, such as solar panels or reflective roof coatings. We make sure that these will not affect your budget, building foundation, or the waterproof membrane of your roof.
  • Which combination of roof material and sustainable energy saving resource is best for you.

Call Us To Get Your Energy Conscious Roofing Installed

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Roof Coatings Are Highly Reflective, Making Them Great Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

In addition to lowered energy bills and inside temperatures, you will also have a longer lasting roof and HVAC system. Your cooling units will also work more efficiently once you have purchased a cool roof. As a cool roof decreases the temperature inside the building, it lightens the workload on your AC units. This lowers the possibility of your AC units needing serious maintenance or replacement. If you’re interested in learning additional information about energy efficient roof installation in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, give our office a ring now at 860-633-7243! Our professional contractors can assist you with different types of roofing, and we are ready to help you however we can! We know that quality roof systems stem from quality supplies, so we take time to purchase only top-quality materials to work with.