Copper Roofing

copper roof on old historic building

For A Roof Last Will Last Centuries, Go With Copper Roofing!

Are you looking for a metal roof system with proven resiliency, iconic style, and an incredible lifespan? Of all of the metal roof options for sale, copper roofing is rumored to be among the most visually pleasing. Copper metal roof installations are ranked with the premium roofing materials, and can add significant value to a house’s property value. If you already have a copper roof installation on your house, and you’re in need of copper roofing repair in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, our crew can assist you now! If you have any inquiries about the services we can provide here at Alliance Roofing, give us a call at 860-633-7243!

Benefits of Copper Roofing

Durability: Made of metal that can withstand all weather and even fire, this seamless waterproof copper roofing system is the ultimate durable material. Rain and snow slide right off the smooth metal, and wind won’t lift the panels. Hail won’t dent the copper, though it might be a little noisy during storms.

Longevity: If you have a home you are planning to use for generations, a copper roof is a great investment. Buildings that were built in the 1700s with copper roofs have been recorded to still be standing! Even when all the other parts of your building will eventually need replacing, your roof won’t.

Natural Color Change: As copper ages, it turns from brown to blue as the metal is exposed to the elements and rusts. While other metals will turn an unsightly orange, copper turns a gorgeous teal color that makes your roof continue to stand out. The rust, called patina, does not affect the durability of the metal at all.

Lightweight: Copper is one of the lightest metal roofing options, along with aluminum and steel. Heavy metal roofs can call for extra support to be installed before installation, but lightweight copper roofs do not require any extra assistance. Having a lightweight roof puts less strain on your home’s foundation to support it, especially if you live in snow-prone areas where heavy snow piles atop the roof.

bay window of large suburban home has copper roofing

For A More Affordable Option, Choose A Small Area Like a Bay Window To Apply Copper Roofing

Price: Copper roofs cost around $40,000 to install, making them the most expensive roofing system available. Keep in mind that this is a one-time installation fee and they require virtually no maintenance over their 50-plus year lifespan. Copper is one of the longest lasting roofing systems available. If you were to scrap the roofing, you would get back a hefty amount of what you originally paid, because copper can retain up to 95% of its purchase value after being installed.

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The roofers at Alliance Roofing are more than happy to help you with all of your metal roofing projects. We are extremely experienced in the metal roofing industry, and we can assist you with an extensive variety of top-quality metal roof repair or installation services. Metal roof systems are capable of protecting as effectively as classic clay tile, and can endure decades longer than a traditional shingle roof. A brand new copper roof installation is sure to give your home a slew of striking looks over the years, in addition to unwavering durability. While rare, damages can still happen, however, which is why we provide professional copper roofing repair in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas. To get started, talk to our professionals today by dialing 860-633-7243!