Copper Roofing Installation and Repairs

copper roofCopper is a unique roofing material that also happens to be incredibly durable. It offers a classic element that can fit in with any style of building, modern or old-fashioned. Copper connotes a warmness that has made it a popular material among architects for literally centuries, not to mention that it’s not harmful to the environment, is not hard to install, requires little to no maintenance, and can last for a hundred years. Hartford and Glastonbury, CT copper roofing installation is easy when you work with Alliance Roofing! Make sure that you contact our experts at 860-633-7243 to learn more!

Copper roofs are capable of maintaining their integrity in most types of environments. After all, they have been around more than 700 years. This is mainly due to the patina that forms on copper surfaces that reinforce it. Patina is due to oxidation (exposure to oxygen) and produces a beautiful color that is impossible to replicate. There’s a reason they chose to make the Statue of Liberty out of copper!  Best of all, copper never has to be cleaned and requires little to no maintenance, making it ideal for installation in difficult to reach places, since you’ll never have to access it again.

Glastonbury, CT Copper Roofing Experts

Copper roofing installation requires the skill of an experienced roofer. It can be installed, with care, over existing irregular roof structures due to its inherent malleability. Installers can hammer the roof into shape rather than use caulk or gaskets, and still make it water tight.  Copper is ideal for all kinds of building shapes, especially domes, which is common in historical architecture.  As long as it is installed properly the first time, a copper roof will provide economical, long-lasting protection from the elements, making it a great investment for any home. In fact, it will likely outlast the home itself. Trust Alliance Roofing with you Glastonbury and Hartford, CT copper roofing installation, If you’d like to schedule your appointment and get a free estimate, call us at 860-633-7243 today to get started.