Cedar Roofing Installation

Durable and Beautiful Roofing

cedar shakes roofingCedar roofs use cedar shakes and shingles as their building material. Traditionally, cedar shakes have a rustic aesthetic to them that also provides great weather protection. Red Cedar is the most used type of wood for cedar roofs in the United States. Cedar shakes and shingles are very durable, resistant to decay and provide superb insulation to your home. These properties make cedar shake and shingles an ideal choice if you want wood roofing. Be sure to dial 860-633-7243 to learn more about cedar roofing in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT. Alliance Roofing are the experts you can depend on!

Higher grades of cedar shakes and shingles are more weather resistant and are used to make longer-lasting weather-resistant roofs, perfect for the Connecticut climate. Alliance Roofing offers fire-retardant Cedar wood shakes installation in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT. Cedar Roofing does require more maintenance and upkeep than other roofing materials. It is more permeable than some other types of roofing materials. They need to be checked annually and maintained to prevent damage from accumulating. Cedar roofs bring a unique rustic look to your Hartford home that you can be proud to show off.

Cedar shakes and cedar shingles have many common features when it comes to use. What sets cedar shakes and shingles apart is their distinctive looks. Cedar shakes have a more rugged and rough look to them, while cedar shingles have a more tailored or custom look. Both types can be installed on top of existing roofing like older wood roofing or asphalt roofing.

Not all cedar shakes are of the same quality. The different grades of cedar wood shakes are the following:

  • Regular
  • Select
  • Premium

Regular grade cedar shakes are always 6-8″ wide and are usually not recommended for anything other than side trimmings. Regular grade shakes have a rough appearance and the wood is full of knots.

Select grade cedar shakes are the most popular choice among consumers. Select grade shakes are usually 85% edge grain. They do not look as rough as a regular grade shake and are wider than one. Because of their width, select grade cedar shakes are a better choice than regular when it comes to roof installation. Select are also better quality and will last longer than a regular grade cedar shake roof.

Premium grade cedar shakes are by far the best choice if you want top quality. Premium shakes are thicker and more uniform in appearance than any other shake. They are 100% edge grain and have a wider cut than regular and select grade cedar shakes. Because of premium grades quality of wood, they are less likely to curl, chip or cut.

Cedar shakes are placed in pressure treatment cylinders where fire retardants are injected into the inner cells of the wood. The material then goes into a polymerization process where the fire retardants get locked into the wood. After 10 years of outdoor weathering and regular testing, the treatment has been deemed permanent. If you’re looking for a Glastonbury roofing contractor for cedar roofing repair, replacement or installation, in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, call Alliance Roofing at 860-633-7243