Pros and Cons of Copper Roofing Installation

Copper is considered the most expensive roofing material out of all roofing systems, but it provides many great benefits. Here are some pros and cons of copper roofing installation:

When Copper Rusts, It Turns Various Shades of Blue Until It Reaches A Sea Green Color

Pros of Copper Roofing Installation

Natural Color Changes

As copper ages and is exposed to the elements, it will continually change colors, from a brownish red to teal color. You are able to get multiple roof colors with one installation purchase!

Centuries-Long Lifespan

Copper roofs will keep standing, even when all other parts of the building have been replaced. Churches from the 1700s are still intact because they have copper roofs! Getting a copper roof installed means no maintenance with lasting durability that with endure for generations.


Since it is made of metal, copper roofing is fireproof and can withstand high winds, heavy snow and rain.


Copper is one of the lightest metal roofing options, along with aluminum and steel. Having a lightweight roof puts less strain on your home’s foundation to support it, especially if you live in snow-prone areas where heavy snow piles atop the roof.

Cons of Copper Roofing Installation


The most expensive roofing option available, copper roofs cost around $40,000 to install. Keep in mind that this is a one-time installation fee, and they require virtually no maintenance over their 300 year lifespan.

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