Preparing Your Roof for Fall

Connecticut home in fallThere is nothing like fall in New England. The brisk air, picturesque fall scenery, and the leaves showing off their colors set a beautiful scene. But when the weather is too chilly or the storms set in, seeking shelter in our homes is a coveted comfort. Help your home perform its best with a sturdy roof! Here are some tips to get you started on preparing your roof and home for fall so you can rest easy through this season.

Fall Prep Tips

  1. Clean the gutters. This helps prevent infestations of vermin and insects, and also ensures that blockages will not bust your gutters or their fixtures in wet, freezing weather.
  2. Inspect seals around doors and windows. Close any gaps with caulking to help your AC and heating units better maintain indoor temperatures.
  3. Replace missing or damaged shingles. The heat and storms of summer can take a toll on your roof without you realizing it. Carefully check for cracked, curled, or bruised shingles.
  4. Trim the trees. Trees grow at almost a constant rate year round in spite of weather conditions. Pay special attention to trimming trees near your roof line or over your roof.
  5. Consider installing a backup generator. It is not uncommon for fall and winter storms to knock out electricity to many neighborhoods. A generator can keep you and your family comfortable and well fed while waiting for the power to return.
  6. Update amenities for outdoor pets. Especially so if they stay outdoors during the winter. Consider insulating their shelter or installing hanging heating lamps.
  7. Have your roof inspected by a roofing professional. Damage to your roof can be hard to detect by untrained eyes. A professional roofing inspection can help you catch issues before they progress and turn into expensive repairs.

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