Metal Roof: Frequently Asked Questions

metal roofNobody wants to make a big purchase only to find that they made the wrong decision. To avoid this, a lot of research proves necessary. Fortunately, our professionals here at Alliance Roofing will happily guide you to the right decision for your needs; we value your satisfaction with our work. To that end, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about metal roof installation.

Will they make a lot more noise?

In fact, metal roofs nowadays make no more noise than other roof types. Due to solid sheathing, they might even make less noise.

How do they affect the environment?

In production, metal roofs get made of around 28% fully recycled material. This provides a much more eco-friendly option than asphalt roofs, which contribute 20 billion pounds to landfills every year.

Will they weigh too much for certain types of homes?

It might surprise you to learn that metal roofs typically weigh less than asphalt roofs. Because of this, you can use them on most building types, and even smaller structures like garages or porches.


Hopefully this helped answer any questions you may have had. If you require roofing services in Glastonbury, CT, Alliance Roofing can help. To find out more, please give us a call at (860) 633-7243.