Is Copper Roofing a Good Investment?

copper roofing

Beautiful Roofing at Beautiful Prices

If you are needing a new roof and want something that will give your home an exceptional style with unsurpassed durability, longevity, and quality, copper roofing is the answer. This premium material has been installed on rooftops around the world for centuries and has found a new popularity growth. Homeowners that want a discriminating and permanent roofing material that offers elegance to their home’s curb appeal and value have chosen to install a copper roof. 

copper roofing

Why is copper used in roofing?

Roofing is out of sight and out mind until you have copper roofing installed. Copper roofing is stunning. Copper roofing offers a home a classy, timeless style that can make a home stand out. Or it can make a home blend with the neighborhood, especially a historic area. 

Copper roofing offers flexibility, making it a material that is easy to work, fitting it irregular roof structures, curved roofs, and domes. There are several reasons why copper was used in the past and has been rediscovered over the years.

What are the benefits of using copper roofing?

A premium material that is attractive, elegant, and matches any exterior décor. Other benefits of copper roofing are: 

It is environmentally friendly, with 75% of copper roofing coming from recycled copper. Because copper roofing doesn’t take a process of fire and tar, there are no chemical fumes to tolerate during installation. 

  • Copper and metal roofing are both a durable roofing material, but copper offers a home that certain character that other metal roof can’t match. The appearance of copper roofing can complement any architectural style, from modern to traditional, with beauty and warmth. 
  • Copper roofing has been a tradition over the years and proven its resistance to the weather, one of the highest of all roofing materials. 
  • A copper roofing that is meticulously designed and professionally installed can provide a long-term economical solution. It has a lengthy lifespan with low maintenance, and has a salvage value, unlike asphalt shingles. 
  • Copper roofing doesn’t need to be painted or refinished. It has a natural patina finish with natural weathering. 
  • Copper roofing is fire resistant material – could earn a discount on homeowner’s insurance.
  • Copper is a natural material that is energy efficient, which can help offset the expense of having it installed. 
  • Copper roofing is a durable roofing material that offsets its expensive price tag because it won’t need replacing, known to have a lifespan of 75 years or longer. 
  • Copper roof repair is rare because of its durability.  
  • Copper roofing is animal and insect resistant and snow resistant because snow doesn’t stick to copper

Are copper roofs good?

With the benefits we mentioned above, copper roofing is a material that any homeowner will enjoy. It is beautiful, elegant, and best of all, long-lasting and maintenance-free. A beautiful copper roofing will add value to your home, and should you decide to sell, it is a fantastic marketability upgrade to any property. It doesn’t matter if your home is a modern-day architectural style or a more traditional style home, copper roofing is a roof that everyone can appreciate.

There are different types of copper roofing too!   Copper roofing can be put on any building design, but you aren’t just limited to a basic copper roofing. You want a roofing contractor that is experienced in working with copper and will discuss the types with you and suggest the best one for your home. 

  • Continuous: This copper roofing is a specialty application that is generally designed and prefabricated for a specific job. It is installed by placing sheets of copper on the roofing substrate, assembling it into one piece, so there are no joints or seams. This type fo copper roofing is the most expensive.
  • Panels: Copper roofing panels are less expensive than the above described continuous copper roofing sheets. It arrives on the job site in sectional copper sheets, measured in standard widths, and after being hand-installed, there are noticeable seams, some crimped, with a standing seam. Some seams are brazed, others are welded onsite.
  • Shingles: This is the most common and the least expensive copper roofing. They are installed by hand like any roofing material, but because it is easily damaged and dented, installation can take longer.  Copper fasteners are required to prevent metallurgical reactions with other metal fasteners. 

How long will copper roofing last?

Copper roofing is found on homes and structures all around Europe and The United States that are 75 years and older. Churches and government structures have used copper roofing for hundreds of years. 

copper roofing

Last Thought That Tops This Off – Can I paint a copper roof?

You can, but why would you want to paint copper roofing?  If you must, the temperature cannot be extremely high, and there cannot be any rain predicted. The copper roofing must be thoroughly cleaned, using a wire brush, if necessary, to remove mud and sandpaper to remove any remaining dirt. The roof can be washed with a low-pressure wash and then allowed to dry. 

Copper roofing must be primed before painting, using a paint roller, and start in the far left corner, moving right with gentle strokes that are even. Once the primer is dry, apply the paint in the same process from left to right.