How Strong Winds Damage a Roof

windy fieldWhen you hear a storm is incoming, what comes to mind? Strong winds are a powerful force that cost Americans millions of dollars in repairs every year. To help you better prepare your property for future storms, we have detailed how wind can damage a roof.

While roofs are designed to withstand the typical rigor of the weather that is common to the area they are in, there will undoubtedly be a strong storm that will test the strength of even the best roofs. Wind inches its way under your roof materials by blowing unevenly across your roof. Certain parts of your roof, such as the perimeter, are exposed to higher wind pressure due to the fact that they absorb the initial impact of the wind. These areas that are subject to additional strain are typically the first to show signs of wear or become damaged.

Wind damage often occurs when the pressure exerted by the wind is able to lift your roof material just enough for wind to blow underneath and peel the material off. Common signs of wind damage are loose or missing patches of material, or banged up gutters or siding.

Take Action After a Storm

Even if you don’t visibly detect storm damage, your roof may still have sustained damage without you noticing. A professional roof inspection is a sure way to counter any damage from past storms and protect your roof for the future. Call us today at 860-633-7243 for fast, affordable roof repairs!