What are Green Roofs?

Green roofs are an environmentally friendly roofing system is that quickly gaining wide popularity and use, especially in large city areas. So what are green roofs? They’re a living roof system covered with plants and vegetation that is put over a waterproof roofing membrane.

Green Roofs Can:

  • Reduce your cooling and heating needs
  • Filter pollutants and toxins in the air
  • Limit the heat island effect in cities and large metro areas
  • Reduce noise and sound pollution
  • Naturally filters water
  • Absorb water runoffs and rain

Green roofing is extremely environmentally friendly and comes with great financial benefits too. Green roofing has a longer lifespan and lasts three times longer than normal roofing systems. Green roofs also can add resale value to a home and can boost it up by 10% of the home’s value. Green roof also greatly reduce the cost of your heating and cooling needs. They reflect solar radiation and heat during the summer months and retain heat during the winter. They can reduce your energy bill by 25%.

Green roofs can be expensive to install and maintain. They cost almost double of what it takes to install traditional roofing.