Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Top Tips for Autumn Preparation

Picture of fall pumpkinsThe crunch of leaves beneath your feet, warm clothes and upcoming holidays all mark the passing of summer and entrance of fall. As you begin this busy season of festivities take a moment to get your home ready for fall. Check out these top tips for autumn home preparation.

Brush Up on Safety

Picture of smoke detector inspectionThe changing of season affords an excellent opportunity for you to review your home safety plan. Make sure every family member knows proper escape routes and that you are all on the same page for an emergency meeting place. Go through your house and check every smoke detector and replace old batteries. Double check that any other safety equipment in the home such as fire extinguishers and escape ladders are functioning properly.

From the Top Down

As the days cool off and the nights get cold, don’t neglect your roof maintenance. Having your roof inspected annually or bi-annually can save you from¬†further damages down the road. A roof inspection also allows a roofer to ensure your roof is aiding in the energy efficiency of your home.

Clean Up the Outside

While we often focus on the interior of our homes as family comes to visit, make sure you clean up the outside of your home also. This is particularly true of the roof where debris buildup can lead to water pooling. Most roofing companies will clear your roof of debris when they perform maintenance. You should also clear your gutters of any debris left from summer storms.

Wrap It Up

Finally, make surePicture of fall roof maintenance your home has proper insulation. If you already have a good insulation system in place from previous years inspect it to make sure it is in good condition. You should also check your home for drafts and seal up any windows or doors that are allowing drafts in.

By reviewing these simple tips for autumn preparation you can keep your family safe and warm during the upcoming holiday months. Remember, Alliance Roofing is here to help you get your home ready for fall. Give us a call for a roof inspection and maintenance.