Flat Roof Ponding

green roofCheck out this “green roof” on the city hall of Chicago! If you are using a flat roofing system that leaves depressions in your roof, rain water can begin to collect and form ponds, adding unnecessary weight to your roof and creating an opportunity to grow some unwanted green leafy guests. While a flat roof is an awesome place to grow plants, they are usually an undesired addition, unless your green roof system is designed for it. Here we discuss the effects of ponding on a flat roof.

Ponding is created when flat roofs have an uneven surface. Raised areas force water to run elsewhere, and low points collect this runoff water. After a rainstorm, if you notice water filled craters on your roof, your roof indeed has ponding.

Ponding adds unaccounted for weight that your roof must support. This adds undue strain to your roof and ages it quicker. Ponds on your roof also increase the chances of a leak, which can be detrimental to your roof and building structure.

If my roof has ponding?

To reduce the effects of ponding, you should have your flat roof regularly inspected by a professional roofer. A roofer may be able to alleviate ponding by raising the depressed area or replacing the roof application on the affected area.

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