What is an Energy-Efficient Roof?

Energy-Efficient Roof

Crafting a More Energy-Efficient Roof Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated With These Tips.

There’s a lot of talk on energy-conservation and energy-efficiency inside your property, and what you should be doing as a homeowner. What it all really boils down to is one simple idea: with a little effort, you can get more (savings, functionality, etc.) out of your home. Protecting the environment is a nice bonus, though! To get you started, here are some useful tips on creating a more energy-efficient roof.

Tips for Better Roof Functionality

According to U.S. News, the top recommended home improvement project of 2017 wasn’t remodeling the bathroom or updating your landscaping. Improving attic insulation took the top spot, with experts claiming you can easily recoup 108% of your project costs. Why stop there? Check the insulation and duct work for your HVAC system too; leaky ducts can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in wasted energy. You can find more info on maintaining your HVAC system from our friends at ANC Mechanical, a top heating and cooling company in Illinois.

Besides adding more insulation, enhancing the reflectivity of your roof can also have lasting benefits for your annual heating and cooling costs. This can be achieved by using a more reflective paint on your roof. Be sure to have your roof inspected for leaks on an annual or bi-annual basis, as these can waste a lot of energy (and allow for some expensive water damage).

What is the Most Energy-Efficient Roof?

Of course, you can take some pretty big steps towards improved efficiency when the time comes for roof replacement. Metal roofs offer tremendous energy savings over their extensive lifetime, more so than any other residential roofing material on the market. Aluminum and copper roofing are particularly efficient, though steel also features a high reflection percentage.

Schedule Your Home Energy Audit!

If you’re looking for an easy way to judge the current efficiency of your home, try arranging a home energy audit in Hartford and Glastonbury, CT. Having a professional outline your home’s energy consumption and waste is the perfect way to quickly identify opportunities for savings. If you’d like to schedule an audit, give our team a call at 860-633-7243!