Do You Have Questions About Metal Roofs?

So, you’ve found yourself considering a new roof installation. You’ve weighed the benefits of each roof type, and you think a metal roof might prove the right choice for you. Still, you’ve probably got some questions, and they should get answered before you make such a big decision. To that end, we’ve posted some frequently asked questions about metal roofs:

metal roofing





Can they get recycled?

In most cases, yes they can; classic metal roofs get made from 95% recycled aluminum. Add to that their extreme longevity, and you can see how little waste they will add to the environment.

Can I install a skylight on my new roof?

Yes, although they will need proper flashings and other details installed over them, skylight can get put in. If you have an old skylight, it can probably get worked into the new roof as long as it hasn’t sustained any damage.

Can I safely walk on my new roof?

Truthfully, walking on any roof type can prove dangerous. However, due to its sturdiness, walking on a metal roof won’t cause any more danger than other roof types.


Hopefully these have answered some of your questions. If you’d like to learn more, contact one of our qualified roofers at Alliance Roofing. You can reach us at (860) 633-7243.