Commercial Roofs: Specialized Service and Requirements

commercial buildingsCommercial roofs are particularly designed to fit many different purposes and require specialized attention. They are often equipped with unique roofing material or an unconventional slope that is best serviced by a trained commercial roofing professional. These specifications make using the right roofer highly important for the success of your roof.

Low sloping or virtually flat roofs are common on commercial buildings. But low slopes present unique challenges to drainage. On an uneven roof, rainwater will collect in low points and degrade roof material. This drastically degrades the quality of the roof material and makes it more prone to leaking.

Commercial roofing material is also an element that requires trained attention from an experienced roofer. As many commercial roofs are out of sight atop buildings, some concern for aesthetics can be traded for increased functionality and strength of the material. This has yielded the increasingly popular roofing membrane: sheets of durable yet flexible material that are joined together with adhesive, creating a nearly seamless surface. This protects against leaks, increases weather resistance, and reduces indoor heat loss.

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