Flat Roof Repair


Flat Roof Repair

Alliance Roofing’s contractors are Glastonbury and Hartford, CT’s flat roof repair experts. We also install and maintain flat roofs. Flat roofing starts with a sheet of material, called a membrane, which covers the flat or low-pitched roof in order to waterproof it. Flat roof materials are designed to allow water to run off from a slight inclination into a gutter system, which we can install. Sometimes flat roofs are designed for water to just flow freely off the edge. Some flat roofs are even designed to collect water in a pool, usually for aesthetic purposes, or for rainwater buffering, but this is rare. If you’re interested in learning more, please give us a call at 860-633-7243.

If a leak does occur on your flat roof, you may not notice damage for a long period of time if you are not on a regular maintenance program. Leaving a leak unattended can cause heavy damage to the decking, insulation and eventually anything directly below the roof. Rot can occur and greatly increase the cost of flat roof repair. If water leaks inside and mold begins to grow, you may be exposing your workers and even your customers to health risks such as breathing problems or allergy-like symptoms.  Our Glastonbury and Hartford, CT roofing contractors are happy to help you maintain your business’s roof so that this does not happen.

Hartford Flat Roofing Contractor

Alliance Roofing can install flat roofs using tar paper applied over roof decking to keep your commercial building watertight. We then cover the tar or tar paper in with gravel to prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays and other effects of weather exposure, which can cause cracking, blistering or, eventually, leaks. Roof decking is usually made of plywood, chipboard or oriented strand board (sterling board) and around 18 mm thick. Next, the tar coating is applied in one or more coats while it is hot or in paper sheets. Once it is cool, the gravel is spread over it.

To learn more, call the best contractors for flat roofing repair in Hartford and Glastonbury, CT today at 860-633-7243. The specialists at Alliance Roofing are here for you.