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First impressions are key in the business world. Stay leak-free with a durable roof on your commercial business. Alliance Roofing offers many commercial roof solutions, including flat roofs, TPO, PVC, metal, and energy-efficient roofing options.

We complete all our jobs on time and as scheduled to prevent disrupting your operations for any length of time. You can trust that we will work harder than any other commercial roofing company in the Glastonbury and Hartford, CT area. We are one of Connecticut’s trusted industrial roofing contractors. 

We are properly licensed and provide liability coverage for all of our projects.  We will never begin a project without discussing a legal and binding contract that adheres to state guidelines. Our contractors are careful to follow all local and national building codes.

Don’t let roofing issues disrupt your daily operations. Whether you use your building to house merchandise or meet important clients, your roof’s integrity plays a critical role in maintaining your image and protecting your livelihood. Don’t wait for damage to happen, give us a call instead for prompt, same day service.

industrial roofingAlliance Roofing is insured and equipped to handle large commercial roofing projects in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, Our company’s professional roofers have experience repairing roofs for everything from companies housed in office buildings to entire apartment complexes and industrial buildings.  We have a long list of happy clients that we have provided with new roofing systems because we get the job done right the first time.

Commercial Roofing Services:

Flat Roofs: Despite the name, flat roofs aren’t completely flat. They are slightly sloped, usually at about 10 degrees, in order to allow for all water drainage. They typically consist of an insulating base layer and a top sheet. A number of materials can be used as flat roofs coatings including asphalt, PVC, modified bitumen, or EPDM.

TPO Roofing: TPO is a relatively inexpensive roofing material that can be used for either new construction or re-roofing. It is very durable with strong seams and holds up well against punctures and long-term weathering.

Solar RoofingWant to make your roof more useful? Consider solar roofing installation for your business to cut down on your business’s energy consumption by harnessing the power of the sun! Photovoltaic roofing panels are used on your roof to convert sunlight into an alternative energy source.

PVC Roofs: PVC, also known as vinyl roofing, is used on many commercial and industrial flat roofs. This reflective membrane helps keep your building cool and thus cut down on energy costs. With regular maintenance, a PVC roof can last years!

EPDM Roofing: EPDM is made from synthetic rubber and makes or a very durable roofing membrane. It is highly resistant to weathering and extreme heat, making it a favorite among many contractors.

Metal Roofing: Metal Roofing has an excellent track record for being strong, durable, and fire resistance. Plus, it looks great! Metal roofing comes in many colors and works for a variety of different roofing styles. Contrary to what many people believe, metal roofs are just as quiet as any other roofing material.