Energy Efficient Solar Roof Installation

solar roof panels on residential roof next to plant

Solar Roof Panels Can Be Installed on Both Residential and Commercial Roofs

Over the last decade, solar powered energy has really taken off. Not only is it good for the environment, but it helps people save money on energy bills by being able to harness the sun’s power to operate things such as electricity and cars. Commonly seen on rooftops of both residential and commercial buildings, solar panels are a renewable energy source. This means that once payback of installation prices of the panels are complete, you will save money by not needing electricity which costs hundreds of dollars a month. If you are interested in getting a solar roof for your Glastonbury and Hartford, CT home or business, call Alliance Roofing at 860-633-7243 today!

About Solar Roofs

In order to produce usable solar energy, UV rays have to go through a process of absorption of semiconductor materials. Solar panels are made up of tons of Photovoltaic (PV) cells, which is just a large word that means that the panels can convert sunlight into energy. The PV solar panels then convert the absorbed sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Then using an inverter, which is like a solar fuse box, the DC energy gets converted to alternating current (AC) energy. Finally, the AC energy powers your home!

solar panels being installed on top of a roof

Solar Roof Panels Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars On Your Energy Bill Every Year

If you have excess energy that was generated that day, there are a couple of scenarios that could happen, which are all beneficial to a homeowner. The excess energy can be fed back into the city power grid for use elsewhere. If this is the case, the home or business owner gets credit for excess energy produced and can use your extra energy for cloudy days or at night. This is a process called net metering, where an energy net meter records energy sent, used, produced, and received by your solar roof panels. There are also batteries in the inverter, which allows you to use the stored solar energy. This is beneficial if you need light at night or on a particularly cloudy day.

Get Solar Roof Installation Today

While expensive upfront, solar roof panels are a great investment. Not only will you notice extreme energy savings, but many insurance companies will provide lowered rates, as well. There is also a federal solar tax credit, where you can save up to 30%. Solar roof panels take up a lot of space, so homes with large roof space are needed. Solar panels go great with commercial roofs since they often are flat and wide, making them easy to install. Be warned that solar panels cannot be moved once they are installed. But since there are not moving parts, the solar roof panels are silent and require little maintenance compared to other noisy energy sources like HVAC units or wind turbines. For solar roof installation in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, call the roofers at Alliance Roofing at 860-633-7243 today.