Can a solar roof power a house?

solar roof on a home with green roof

Solar roofing for your home

Maybe if you have been living in a cave, deep in a forest or jungle, you may not know what is solar roofing, much less what solar power is. Well, to get you a little updated, solar roofing replaces existing roofing shingles with solar shingles, bringing the roof to life with solar roof panels that will provide your home power.

The solar shingles do the same thing that solar roof panels do, only they are on your roof and blend in as shingles. They turn the UV rays of the sun into electrical power for free.  Sound too good to be true? Well, it is, but it isn’t.

What’s the catch with solar panels?

Now that you’re caught up on solar roofing and free electricity, you probably want to start shopping for this free stuff. Where do you find it? How do you get it? Just a reminder “Nothing is for free”, which means there is solar roofing costs involved as well. What these companies do that is offering you “free “electricity” isn’t exactly free.

They will install a solar roof panel system for you free, but there is a catch. The catch is you will be required to “rent” the panels from them. Now, it is true, the solar panels will get you free electricity from the sun’s UV rays, and that will save you money on your electric bill, maybe even get your electric bill down to zero. That will save you thousands over the years on energy costs, which in turn is a return on investment, even renting the solar roof panels.

Can I get solar panels for free?

As we just explained, nothing is free. However, you can get them installed free and that is savings. Your electric bill rates will be reduced for up to 25 years, and your home’s property value is increased by as much as $25,000.

You may rent the solar roof panels, but you won’t have to pay for maintenance or monitoring, and they are 100% warrantied. When you add all these things together, you could get them free. 

How long do solar panels last? 

Even if you qualify for free installation, the cost of renting the solar roof panels is an investment with a long-term commitment. If you choose to purchase the solar panels outright, it is a hefty expense up-front. Either way, the return on investment will be significant in ways of monthly savings on your energy expenses and tax incentives. 

It is common for anyone considering the solar roof panel options to ask, “how long do solar roof panels last?”, and the answer is 25 years by warranty. However, studies have found that they last well past that 25 years, just at reduced efficiency.

Every year, solar panels lose as much as1% efficiency. Over a 25-year period, the length of the warranty, your solar roof panels should still produce up to 87.5% output. 

Does solar increase home value? 

Solar roof panels are good for several reasons, with the first being the environment. Studies have shown that they also add value to a home’s value. The question unanswered is, do they add enough value to offset the expense of having them installed? 

More Americans are making an investment in solar power. In 2018, we installed enough solar roof panel systems to power over 12 million. There are several factors involved in determining the pay-off. Factors like the electricity rate for each customer and the shape of their roof.

According to a national real estate website, in the United States, the average increase in property value add by solar roof panels was just over 4%.  For a home in the price range of $226,000, that is an increase of over $9,200.

roof with a solar panel on it

What are the 2 main disadvantages of solar energy?

Every year, electric bills are increasing by three to five percent. This has generated a lot of curiosity and follow-through from hundreds of thousands of solar energy. While the benefits are substantial in the long run, you should also consider the disadvantages before installing a solar roof system, with the 2 biggest ones being:

  • Initial Cost
  • Conversion Rate at 25%

There are other disadvantages, which you can research and use those in determining whether solar roof panels are the right choice for you.  Proponents of solar energy feel that there are as many advantages to be had with solar roof panels too. Here we have listed them: 

  • It is a renewable energy
  • Reduction in energy bills from your cooling and electric heating system
  • Various applications
  • Minimal maintenance expense
  • The latest trend in technology development

A question that many people that are considering solar roof panels ask: “Is solar roof safe?” and the answer to that is yes.  With the advancement of technological innovations and the reduction in costs, solar energy has become more viable for more businesses and residences across the country. Solar roof panel installations have grown in recent years.

To date, solar roof panels have proven to be safe. There are no documented reports of chemical burns, conventional fires, or electric shock. If you are interested in having solar roof panels installed, shop various solar installation companies. Ask about their experience, insurance, and references. Review their guarantee and warranty, determine which method is best for you, purchase or rental. You want a company that is experienced in how to install solar roof and the equipment to set it up in working order. Want to learn more about solar roof options in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT? Call Alliance Roofing at 860-633-7243 today!