Build a house with just a screwdriver?

Building a house with just a screwdriver? It sounds crazy but with Teal Panels, it’s totally possible. This company sells molded panels made from polyethylene that can be used to create modular structures. Not only are they portable, but the only tool you need for assembly is a Phillips head screwdriver.

Modular Structures

modular shelter

The structures you can create using these panels are only limited to your imagination. Sport huts, fishing cabins, offices, temporary housing, and guest suites are just a few ideas. Best of all, assembly is quick. A ten by ten foot structure only takes about an hour and a half to assemble.

Each panel weighs 20 pounds and measures 21 inches wide. Interlocking tabs and waterproof gaskets fit the panels together while sealing out moisture and air. Want windows? Panels with built in windows are also available. Insulated panels can also be purchased. So far, the only roofing option available is lightweight canvas but lightweight materials such as metal or plywood can be used for roof construction.

Space-saving accessories such as cushions, seat lockers, vanities, dinettes, and cabinets are also available for your new space. Exhaust fans and skylights can also be purchased.

Flooring is not yet available from Teal Panels. Even though these panels are rot-proof and can be placed directly on the flat ground, it is recommended they be placed on a wooden deck or concrete slab to prevent dampness. Electrical and plumbing service? Also not included.