TPO Roofing vs. EPDM Roofing

Single Ply roof membrane

Single Ply Membranes Are A Very Popular Option For Commercial Flat Roofs.

If you are a commercial flat roof owner, you’ve probably heard of single ply roofing membranes as one of the best flat roofing solutions on the market. However, there are several different kinds to consider. The most popular options are TPO and EPDM. Today we will briefly go over a few benefits of both.


  • Installation: EPDM is often applied in one large piece, making it seamless, and making a full installation process easier than every before.
  • Affordable: EPDM is one of the most affordable roofing options for commercial roofs, with an easy application process.
  • Resilient: EPDM is very strong, and resistant to various damages from the elements.
  • Energy Efficient: EPDM  is highly reflective, and when applied in white, can significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling bills.
  • Resistant To Temperature Fluctuation: EPDM roofing is able to flex as the weather changes, expanding and contracting as needed.


  • Damage Resistant: PVC roofs are extremely durable, and are proven to be wind, flame, and chemical resistant.
  • Energy Efficient: PVC roofs are extremely energy efficient, and can lower the heating and cooling costs within your building.
  • Long-Lasting: PVC roofing is one of the longest lasting single ply membranes on the market, and can last more than 20 years.
  • Cost-effective: The most important matter is getting a durable roof, but it should also be affordable; while a PVC roof is not the least expensive option available, it does provide the longest lifespan, and the lowest maintenance requirements, making it very cost-effective..

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