Benefits of Skylight Installation

skylightBeautiful home lighting does not have to break the bank. Skylights are a cost efficient option to add to the appeal of your home. You may be accustomed to the natural light in your home from your windows, so it can be easy to overlook the advantages of natural light. Adding this additional source of refreshing light offers health and mood boosting benefits to your indoor environment.

Natural Lighting Boost

  • If your home does not have a skylight already, the ever rising cost of utility bills makes this the ideal time to install a skylight. By furnishing natural light, you can use your electric lights less often, and thus cut down on energy consumption and utilities.
  • While instinct may tell us that glass is inherently inefficient at insulating our homes, skylights are specially coated to maintain interior temperature and resist outdoor ambient elements.
  • Skylights are available as fixed or venting. Venting skylights are capable of opening by a handheld rod to ventilate the room it is in. Electric venting skylights are also available to draw warm air out and keep your home cool.

Skylights have blossomed into a modern roofing marvel that offers a practical solution to a dim room in need of a lighting boost. Call our team at (860) 633-7243 for professional skylight installation today!