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What is Cedar Roofing?

Wooden roof Shingle texture

Find Out More About Cedar Roofing

There are many roofing materials available nowadays that provide the aesthetic that will match will various roofing preferences for property owners. Perhaps a popular option with homes that wish to add a sense of uniqueness and warmth is seen with cedar roofing. Cedar roofing is a roofing material that’s been in use in North America since the early days of the colonists so it isn’t anything new. However, there are more ways to maintain and have longer lasting roofs with seals and maintenance in modern times which provide a greater look with longer lasting conditions. What’s more there are now options in how they are cut with different grades of wood used for better durability and longevity. See how cedar roofing can be right for you by reading more below. You may also get into contact with your local roofing company for more information.

What is a cedar shake roof?

Shake cedar roofing will have wooden shingles made from split logs. They have a distinctive look in that each shingle will vary in thickness and length. 

What is the difference between cedar shingles and cedar shakes?

Cedar roofing can come in both shingle and shake forms. While shakes are split off wood, shingles are sawn smoother on both sides as well as cut tapered. Shakes will be thicker than shingles, more durable because of this thickness, and they will typically be made from premium grade wood.

How long does a cedar roof last?

Cedar roofing on average is expected to last around 30 years if properly installed and maintained. 

How do you maintain a cedar roof?

Cedar roofing can be maintained by clearing it of debris such as leaves or branches since this roofing material needs to breath. Keep the keyways, otherwise known as the spaces between the shakes and shingles, as well as surface areas clear. Make sure that there is proper ventilation year round. 

Do I need to seal cedar wood?

Cedar roofing is naturally resistant to rot and decay yet outdoor projects will need a light seal to guard from sunlight and moisture.

Do Cedar Roofs need to be treated?

Cedar roofing will need to be treated as it takes in moisture and will form infestations such as moss, lichen, mildew, fungi or mold. It must be cleaned and maintained in order to reach its full life span potential.

How often should you treat a cedar roof?

Cedar roofing should have deterioration roof maintenance conducted ideally every two to four years. When you’re in need of earlier work it should be done as needed to avoid faster deterioration.

Shingle red cedar wooden shake wood siding row roof panel made of larch conifer tree

How do you protect cedar shingles?

  • Maintain interior humidity levels at around 40%.
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated to prevent any particular spots from being too humid which would risk moisture seeping through the shingles.
  • Install heating wires so that any ice can melt that may have found its way under the shingles.
  • Check the caulking around your home for possible leaks.

Can you walk on cedar shingles?

Walking on cedar roofing material can damage both shingles and shakes so make sure you’re aware of this potential damage before you decide to go on your roof. You may be able to use a ladder to scan your roof or even take a step back from your property to scan the area. For more in depth searches a professional roof inspection is recommended as a professional roofer will be able to check the routine areas of your roof that are likely to have problems. What’s more they will have more of a trained eye when it comes to problems that you may not have noticed own your own. It’s advisable to contact a professional for a roof inspection when you require assistance.

How do I know if my cedar shake roof is bad?

You’ll be able to tell if your cedar roofing is damaged based on cosmetic changes. You may see curling, buckling or severe splitting which all point to the need for replacements. These issues tend to occur after severe weather or advanced age.

Get Help With Cedar Roofing Today With Your Local Roofers

If you’re interested in cedar roofing get into contact with your local roofing company to get started. Only with your local roofer will you be able to have the right materials, cuts, and dimensions that will best fit with your property’s specifications. You can also be guided as to the proper maintenance schedules of care for cedar roofing based on the climate and weather patterns of your area. Cedar roofing can be a great way to add style and warmth to your property. Speak to a qualified roofer today to get started.

For more information about cedar roofing in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT call 860-633-7243 with Alliance Roofing!

How can I Make my Roof Look new?

roof restoration

What is a roof restoration?

Whether your roof is fresh or has aged significantly, it is always a good idea to get an improvement applied. A roof restoration is perfect for any home or business owner in that regard that wants to both prolong the lifespan of their roof and increase its durability. Upon choosing such a service, you will see years added to the lifespan of your roof as it has an extra capacity to withstand everything thrown at it on a daily basis. Not only that, but occupants and guests inside will notice a significant change inside that eases the pressure of being a property owner. 

As it stands, a roof restoration when applied correctly by professionals like those at Alliance Roofing in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT can last between 10 to 15 years. The entire process cleans your roof and applies a specialized coating that does more than just give a new shine to your roof. For new roofs, it amplifies the benefits you are assured to receive whereas for an old roof it improves each immensely. Further on, we explore how a roof restoration specifically improves roofs, if you need one installed today then why not call 860-633-7243 to set yours up today. Alliance Roofing is readily available to improve your home or business in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT.

What does roof restoration include?

As mentioned, a roof restoration offers any roof it is applied to several benefits that increase its longevity and durability. By using a specially designed coating that acts as another layer on your roof, you can both see an enhancement in curbside appeal while also being able to paint over it with the color of your choosing. Other benefits can consist of: 

  • Added resistance against hail and wind
  • Waterproofing
  • Repairing of leaks and small holes
  • Lower electric bills
  • Cooler internal environment
  • Quieter application
  • Saves money in the long term

Roof restorations are largely known to ease the load on air conditioning systems through being a barrier against much of the energy the sun puts on your building. Add to it a light color of paint and you see that benefit increase by a wide margin. Furthermore, while you may see many dents and small holes in your roof, that does not necessarily mean you must get a replacement. A roof restoration will cover most small holes on your roof and also apply to the flashing so you won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a replacement. Also, roof restorations are proven to save an individual money by preventing the need for constant repairs on spots that are slightly vulnerable. 

Should I seal my roof?

Flat roof owners may be familiar with roof sealing, which prevents puddling water from making any significant damage to them. It also does something similar, if not at a lower level, to roof restoration which is applying a layer of coating to deflect UV rays and waterproof it. In fact, sealing your roof is particularly important and should be taken seriously when considered. Whether it’s on a home or business, the property owner should seal their roof to prevent leaks and general standing water from doing any form of significant damage. 

A roof restoration, generally applied when the roof has aged somewhat, does something similar. With better materials, the roof restoration is applied with the specific intent on adding years to your roof while making it look good as new. Where a sealing does not add durability as effectively, roof restoration makes it a point to be a definite answer to the elements on a roof that needs a solid tune-up. When you value your roof, trust us to apply a roof restoration onto it that will keep it going for years ahead.

roof restoration

How often should you get your roof done?

When it comes to roof restoration, home and business owners will recognize when they need a roof restoration or their roofer will generally tell them. As it turns out, when there is minimal damage across your roof, perhaps from a hail storm, a roof restoration is often far less expensive. There is some confusion too as to when a roof replacement is appropriate when a roof restoration or repair fails. A solid roofer will determine a roof replacement is necessary when: 

  • Heavy damage across the roof
  • The roof is at an advanced age
  • Repairs are being constantly ordered
  • Electric bills get high
  • The roof becomes unseemly 

While a roof restoration can tend to small damages and make your roof appear younger, it cannot handle larger damages and deteriorated materials. An example of that would be a roof restoration that can stop rusting on a metal roof, but if the metal becomes weak then it needs to be replaced. On even shingles, a person is able to get a roof restoration that takes care of small holes and cleans up the shingles to a large margin. Call 860-633-7243 today to schedule your roof restoration with Alliance Roofing in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT.

What Do Shingles Do for a Roof?

red shingle roof providing a quality protection

Choosing Shingles for your Home

Are all roof shingles the same? What are the longest-lasting shingles? Every day, homeowners around the country ask questions about making the best choices for their roof. That’s important. Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home. It’s critical to get the right roofing material and keep it up to make sure nothing goes wrong. Not only does a shingle roof look great and offer excellent curb appeal, but they also perform an important part in your roof’s function. A shingle roof is common in the U.S. because it’s affordable and easy to maintain. Here, we take a look at shingle roof benefits and the difference between some shingles on the market.

What Shingles Do

On a very basic level, shingles create a watertight seal on your roof to protect your home from rain, wind, and other water damage. Shingles help control water flow off of your roof to prevent leaks and holes from developing. They also stop rodents and other small animals from getting inside. Roof shingles also serve a cosmetic purpose to beautify your home. They come in different colors and shapes to fit your design goals. The most common types of shingle roofs are asphalt, slate, metal, wood, and clay. Each material varies in cost and requires different maintenance.

Are There Different Grades of Roofing Shingles?

By far, the most popular shingle material in the country is asphalt. Homeowners and property developers love to use asphalt because it’s versatile and affordable. It can be replaced and repaired quickly as well. Generally, asphalt shingles come in three different grades. Colloquially, they’re known as good, better, and best.

The lower tier or “good” shingles are usually called “3-tab” shingles that are flat and typically have the shortest lifespan. Moving up, there are architectural shingles and dimensional shingles that are slightly thicker (about the thickness of three basic shingles) and come in different dimensions. They have a longer warranty and give a roof a more textured look. Higher grades denote thicker shingles that last longer and offer more design versatility.

Is There Such a Thing as 50 Year Shingles?

What are the longest lasting roof shingles? Some shingle manufacturers make shingles that are designed to last much longer than normal asphalt shingles. There are 30 and 50-year shingles that come with longer guarantees that cover performance. 50-year shingles often use special materials as they are manufactured to make them last longer and maintain their appearance better over their lifespan. These types of shingles cost more but will stand up to long-term rain, wind, hail, and other harsh weather conditions for longer on your shingle roof.

roof shingle damage on a roof

When Should Roof Shingles be Replaced?

On a basic level, roof shingles need to be replaced when they come loose or fall off your roof. That can happen for several reasons. Strong winds, loose roofing nails, or rain can shake them free. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to walk outside and do a visual check on your roof every once in a while. If you’re missing roof shingles, it exposes your roof. Most homes use a combination of shingle roof and felt for protection. Felt is a tar paper layer that’s installed underneath your shingles as an added layer of protection.

Other areas of your roof, like if you shingle around a roof vent, can come loose because they’re often cut or installed in a custom pattern that could loosen or deteriorate faster. Homeowners also do shingle roof work when their shingles fade and they want to improve the look of their property. It’s really up to you.

The Benefits of Shingle Roofing

Shingles roofs offer the most design variety and affordability of any roofing material. Even within the shingle category, you have a lot of choices around:

  • Quality
  • Lifespan
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Design

Manufacturers have put decades into developing shingles to make them work better and last longer than ever. Now, most shingles have a Class A fire rating and withstand high winds in different climates around the country. They’re also energy-efficient because they help you moderate indoor temperatures. That decreases your reliance on air conditioning or heating, which saves you money on your monthly utility bills.

If you’re considering shingles for your roof, contact a professional roofing company for an opinion. Whether you need spot shingle repair or want an entire roof installed, they’ll be able to walk you through different price and design choices to find a solution that works for you. Shingle roofs are popular because they don’t require a ton of maintenance and look great. They’re light, so they don’t place as much of a strain on your home over the years. If sustainability is something you’re interested in, asphalt shingles are usually recyclable after they’re replaced. Take a look at what durable, quality shingles can do for you. Want to learn more about roof shingles in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT? Call 860-633-7243 today!

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Roofing

Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Will Add Value To Your Home.

Have you been considering getting a metal roof for your home? A metal roof installation can be a bit overwhelming so we are here to help break down some of the biggest metal roofing pros and cons to help you decide if the metal roof life is for you. If you plan to be in your home for a long period of time, metal roofing is a good way to go. The reason for this is because metal roofs often last on your home for around 70 plus years. This is over double the amount of time that a shingle roof would last you. One con that people often talk about when discussing metal roofing, is the price. The initial price of a metal roof can feel like a big number, but when you consider how long this roof will last, the lack of maintenance, and the overall protection, you will realize that the price will more than pay for itself over the years. Metal roofing for homes that you plan to live in for over 20 years will greatly benefit from choosing this material. These roofs require very little maintenance and if you choose something like a roof coating, you can add an additional 10 years onto the already long life of your roof. This will also keep it protected from things like moss and rusting that can happen over the years of wear and tear. Metal roofing colors can range from just about any variety that you like. The colors will vary from every type of metal that you look at, but chances are, they will have a color that you want. When you live in areas that get a lot of weather, a metal roof could be the perfect fit for you. You might see more information about metal roof care in the South because of the crazy weather and hail that is out there, but metal roofing is beneficial no matter where you live. In places that often snow, a metal roof will thrive and help keep your home protected better than many other choices out there. Below, are some commonly asked questions and metal roofing basics that you may want to know.


Can you put a metal roof over shingles?

You can put metal roofing over the top of shingles if you want to avoid tearing off your old roof, but when you do this, it can create air pockets between the two, that can let moisture develop and grow. You can have vented metal put on so that there is a way for air to escape and not create a vapor issue. In the end it is up to you, but it is best to talk to your roofer about it and make sure that it will be beneficial to your roof in the long run, to do that.

How long does a metal roof last?

Many metal roofs like steel and aluminum will last over 50 years, easily. Adding a roof coating to this will even prolong it around 10 years longer if you decide to get that. When you get a copper or zinc roof, these will last over 100 years, holding up with slate roofing in longevity. We recommend metal roofing if you plan to stay in your home for a long time and want to get the best resale value from it. A traditional shingle roof will last around 17-20 years on your home so choosing a metal roof will obviously outlast most any other type of roof on the market.

Are metal roofs more energy efficient?

People are often surprised to hear that metal roofing is one of the more energy-efficient materials you can have. Part of the reason is that they provide great insulation. That means that during winter, your home will hold its heat very well. This will help you to keep your energy bill down lower. Depending on the color of your roof as well, it can reflect the sun’s UV rays away from your home. The lighter the roof color, the more reflection you will get. This will keep your home from getting as hot in the summer and keep the roof lasting longer without fading from the harmful rays of the sun. People often have the misconception that metal roofing is cold in the winter and hotter in the summer, but that is not the case at all.

Types Of Metal Roofing

  • Metal Roofing Shingles
  • Metal Tiles
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Standing Seam
  • Stone Coated Steel

With so many options of metal out there, your options are endless. You can get metal roofing that looks like any of your favorite roofing looks. The best part is that you will be getting a better curb appeal and a roof that will last for a very long time. Misinformation about metal roofs tendency to attract lightning is rampant, despite encouraging analysis of metal roofs and lightning. The protection that a metal roof can offer you is unbeatable and you will see quickly after getting one, that the maintenance is almost none. If you want to talk more about metal roofing in Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, call Alliance Roofing at 860-633-7243 and we will be able to help you right away.