Professional Roof Repair

tools on roofA little roofing damage left unattended can quickly spiral into a huge problem. Making swift repairs is key in preventing a minor roofing issue from growing into a major one. Our team of licensed, professional roofers has years of roofing experience in the Hartford and Glastonbury areas, so we know how to best repair and maintain your roof to help it last for many years to come.

Roofs can be damaged from a number of different sources, and many different repair methods are available to help remedy the damage. The size and depth of the damage on your roof will largely determine how repairs are accomplished. A roofing tile or shingle that has been peeled away or cracked will simply require a replacement. This type of damage is often observed after hail storms or strong winds.

If the backing or plywood beneath the damaged roof material has been compromised, repairs are likely to be more extensive. Any wet or moldy material must be removed and replaced, and the attic or ceiling below should be inspected for roof leaks.

Reliable Repairs

Roof repairs should be taken seriously to prevent the issue from spiraling into a bigger issue, so working with professional, experienced roofers is key. Call our Alliance Roofing team at 860-633-7243 for rapid roofing repairs done right!