3 Simple Steps for Metal Roof Care

Are you looking for ways to maintain your metal roof? Thankfully, your durable roof can only requires a quick DIY inspection twice a year. Follow these 3 steps for metal roof care, and you can be confident in a long lasting rooftop.

Step 1: Basic Cleaning

Metal Roof in Sunlight

A Little Metal Roof Care Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Investment.

Here’s all the equipment you’ll need.

  • A Trash Bag
  • A Ladder
  • A Damp Cloth or Sponge
  • Formula 409 or a Similar Cleaning Solution

Start out with a short walk around your home to inspect your rooftop. Look for brush, dirt smudges, metal chips stuck in the paint, and loose screws. If you’re having a hard time seeing, you can grab a pair of binoculars. Once you’ve climbed up the ladder with your trash bag, try to clean away all twigs and leaves from your rooftop and gutter. This helps protect your roof from early corrosion. For dirt or grease smudges, apply your cleaning solution and gently scrub it away. You can remove any metal chips you spotted earlier as well.

Step 2: Touch Ups

All you’ll need for this step is a paint brush (not a paint sprayer) and some manufacturer approved paint. Perform paint touch ups as needed on scratches and spots where you removed metal chips. This covers up any gaps in your roof’s UV and corrosion protection.

Step 3: Enjoy No More DIY Maintenance for 6 Months!

Once you’ve finished these steps for metal roof care, congratulations! You just ensured your roof is safe from corrosion and rusting. Now you can enjoy a clean, beautiful roof for another half a year. Call at 860-633-7243¬†for all your questions on metal roof maintenance.