3 Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection After Storm Season

Most of our nation will agree that it’s pretty wet outside these days. That’s because it’s nearly Spring, and Spring always brings its fair share of rainfall and storms. If you have experienced severe weather, it’s time to get a professional out to evaluate your roof.

High Winds & Shingle Damage

Whether you’ve had tornadoes, hurricanes, or just harsh gusts of wind, you will need to take a look at your roof to spot missing shingles. These are the most visible sign of wind damage, and can also indicate a problem with rain water seeping beneath the shingles and into the decking layer.

a picture of a roofer on a ladderHailstones and Tree Limbs

Hailstones can leave soft spots in your roof, and tree limbs can be downright hazardous! Look for darker spots on your roof; these can be a sign of hail damage. Fallen tree limbs will need to be cleared away quickly, before they promote the growth of mold.

Rain Damage

Heavy rains can leave your roof with bare patches or sagging areas. If your roof has places where water pools, that area will be more susceptible to damage than areas with good drainage.

If you think your roof may have been damaged by a storm, please call us ASAP! We’ll send our trained roofers out to do an inspection, and recommend the best course of repairs.