3 Reasons for Home Energy Audits

Home Energy AuditHomeowners are constantly looking for ways to save money. Home energy audits are one way to save money, and increase the comfort of your home. Audits measure your home’s energy efficiency, and determine how to correct the problems with a more comfortable and cost friendly solution. Alliance Roofing offers Home energy audits to homeowners in Hartford, and Glastonbury, CT. Here are 3 reasons you should have an inspector come out today:

Air Effusion

Energy auditors use a blower door to determine areas in which air is seeping through the cracks of your property. Common places where air is lost include; below sinks, doors, outlets, pipes and windows.  Air effusion is generally the greatest source of energy loss for Connecticut homeowners. Correcting this problem can have an immediate impact on your home’s comfort, as well as your energy bill.

Diagnostic Sourcing

Home energy audits allow professionals to diagnose the sources of your inefficient energy. Auditors can pinpoint specific appliances and areas that require the most attention. Audits help homeowners prioritize repairs or replacements for certain home features. If the source of your energy overdrive is something inexpensive, you can fix that and reap the benefits of energy efficiency for a small price.

Environmental Friendly

Saving money is great, but protecting the environment is just as important. Home energy emission sends carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Fossil fuels account for a significant percentage of the world’s energy emission, and steps to limit that amount will have a good effect on the future of our environment. For home energy audits in Hartford and Glastonbury, CT, call 860-633-7243