3 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters this Fall

Many homeowners tend to forget the importance of gutters to a roof. Without them, rain would slide directly down the sides of a home, into windows and basements, causing structural issues galore! Did you know your gutters won’t work properly without regular maintenance? Fall is gutter cleaning season, so make sure you give yours a little TLC this autumn!

clean your gutters

Cleaning Gutters Allows Them to Work Properly

Gutters work by catching rain and moisture on your roof and depositing it away from your home, which prevents roof leaks and foundation issues. If you neglect to clean your gutters, they will inevitably become clogged with falling leaves (or blown leaves). Clogged gutters offer none of the benefits of a gutter system. If you’re not going to clean them, why bother with them in the first place?

Bad Gutter Maintenance Costs You Money

Neglecting to clean your gutters can cost you money down the line on a new gutter system. As time goes on, your gutters can fill with leaves, twigs and other debris carried by the wind. When it rains, all this debris can clog your system, causing your gutters to sag. Replacing your gutter system is a costly process that homeowners can avoid with regular maintenance. 

Roof Leak and Foundation Damage Prevention

Gutters aren’t just rain catchers. They exist to prevent roof leaks by draining water off your roof. Not only that, but they carry the water away from your home, helping its foundation. Pooling water around your home causes the soil to expand, which leads to shifts in the foundation, cracks in walls and ultimately, more repairs. That is why it’s so important to regularly maintain your gutters with at least an annual cleaning!

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